“Aadai”… A sensational Amala Paul headlines a talky but effective message movie about freedom

Posted on July 24, 2019


But what are we, really, when the naked self is revealed? ‘Aadai’ literalises this idea with the protagonist’s nudity.

Spoilers ahead…

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Whenever a film’s protagonist is a woman, a certain section of the audience calls the heroine “the hero of the film” – as though the importance of the central figure can only be assessed in masculine terms. But Kamini (Amala Paul), the “hero of Aadai”, may be the first female protagonist to deserve this title. For one, she is the least “feminine” female you’ll find. In a bit that’s staged like a gag, she dreams of herself in a red silk sari and wakes up with a start, as though from a nightmare. Later, she says she is allergic to saris – and one reason could be that they wouldn’t be convenient while riding a bike and challenging boys to impromptu drag races. Her terrified boyfriend sits behind her, like “the heroine of a film”.

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