Beyond Bollywood: The Best Non-Hindi Films Of The Last 5 Years

Posted on July 25, 2019


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From a Tulu-language oddity to a genre mash-up from Guwahati to an unapologetically bonkers crime epic set in the gold mines of Bengaluru – our picks of the best films since 2014. Here are my Tamil picks.

Jigarthanda (2014): I wanted to begin with one really out-there movie, stuffed with directorial swagger — the one thing we don’t get much of in Tamil cinema. I thought of Super Deluxe, but it’s too recent, too well-known. Hence, Karthik Subbaraj’s ode to gangsterism, Tamil cinema, and gangsterism in Tamil cinema. Jigarthanda subverts the hero/heroine (they do “bad” things), the villain (who becomes the most lovable character), and even the narrative, which gradually acquires a meta layer. The director seems to be saying that, in the present Tamil-cinema scenario, anyone, apparently, can become a hero and begin calling the shots, and directors with vision are forced to compromise – so the only way to make the movie you really want to make is to become some sort of gangster. It’s fun. It’s vicious. It’s brilliant.

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