“Dear Comrade”… Vijay Deverakonda takes a backseat to Rashmika Mandanna in an unusual, winning drama

Posted on July 29, 2019


This is a pretty unique film. On one level, it is a love story with a young, easy-on-the-eyes couple – and yet, it isn’t quite that love story.

Spoilers ahead…

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The first few scenes of Bharath Kamma’s Dear Comrade look like outtakes from Arjun Reddy. Bobby (Vijay Deverakonda) is a stud-rebel hero who pees all over conventional notions of heroism – quite literally so. He is introduced while relieving himself in a public toilet. A cigarette is stuck at the corner of his mouth. His walk is a drunken stagger. He lashes out at others, manufacturing a fight out of thin air, as though to relieve himself of his aggression. But he’s hurting. His eyes are wet. He goes to a phone booth to make a call. When it doesn’t get through, he smashes the glass walls, rips the receiver off, holds it in his bleeding hand and tries making the call… again. He doesn’t realise the telephone is as dead as he feels inside. In a short span, Vijay Deverakonda has made the Devadas as Temperamental Rockstar™ slot his own, and when you see the film’s tagline (“Fight for what you love”), it appears that this “love” is the person (Lilly, played by Rashmika Mandanna) Bobby was making that bloody-handed call to. Red is, after all, a Comrade’s colour.

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