“Jackpot”… Jyotika stars in a noisy action-comedy that fails on both counts

Posted on August 2, 2019


Vishal Chandrasekhar contributes an ear-splitting score. I think he may have been trying to save us from the lines.

Spoilers ahead…

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Kalyaan’s Jackpot is one of those excruciating comedies which thinks “leave your brains at home while watching this movie” is the same as “the writers left their brains at home while scripting this movie”. Jyotika plays Akshaya, the “hero”. She’s basically saying, “If the leading men can act in silly films with five fights and a few comedy scenes, then why not leading women?” Sure enough. But you can’t take the gender parity issue too far, for our leading men get to hang out with a love interest, whereas Jyotika is married, and hence doomed to on-screen asexuality. But at least, she’s not giving us a moral-science lesson in Jackpot. (Imagine if the screenplay had gone into that zone, given that the cast includes Samuthirakani.) She acts like a dog. She riffs on the “baba mar gaya” bit from Nayakan. Generally speaking, on an acting scale of 1 to 10, a Jyotika performance stands at about 48.75. Here, it may be in the triple digits. Fans should be delighted.

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