“After your mid-30s, politics and social issues become important”

Posted on September 4, 2019


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Gitanjali Rao and Deborah Sathe talk about ‘Bombay Rose’, and films from India that can work on the international stage.

To o explain why she likes the path less taken, Gitanjali Rao brings up her “commie upbringing”, thanks to Konkani-Gujarati parents who ran off and got married and got ostracised. It’s an inspiration. She has always avoided what comes easy. She has chosen to pursue things in spite of them not working out. She keeps at it, like her mother wants her to. Don’t crib. Don’t sell your soul. Don’t prostitute yourself. These are mantras. All of this wisdom tumbles out one sunny afternoon in Venice, where Gitanjali’s first animated feature, Bombay Rose, opened the Critics’ Week section. The story she tells about how the film got here results in another mantra: Do your best, but you also have to be lucky.

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