Readers Write In #95: Mr Local and everything wrong about it – in questions

Posted on September 10, 2019


(by Sanjay NM)

My second post in this format about a film I saw recently which has deeply concerned me. People seldom ask questions and scurry towards a conclusion or at least a point of view which is popular. Questions are so important! I intend to express my point of view in questions and get all of your views. Here they are:

  • Is Mr Local the most dangerous movie made in recent times? Albeit (un)intentionally
  • Does it almost qualify as hate speech? Hate against women, White collar class, & Trans communities? Can it be censored? Should it be censored?
  • If things we buy can be attributed to branding and marketing, how much of crimes/misdemeanors against women can be attributed to this film? Can we collect data on it?
  • Has the film maker changed as a person to make such a movie? Or is he catering/pandering to the current mindset of youngsters?

       Why would a top leading female actor choose to do this?

  • How do women fight these “Goebbels” like propaganda films that will continue to shape young minds?
  • Can trainings be conducted for such film makers? Can the leading demigods and politicians stand up? Can film associations stand up?
  • Is this sexism/misogyny on steroids?
  • How does Tamil Audience switch from this to “Singapenney” mode? It seems to be a unique case. Are there any similarities?
  • Is there a list of such movies made in Hollywood?