“Magamuni”… Arya and Arya feature in a layered drama that doesn’t fully add up

Posted on September 11, 2019


Santhakunar’s second film sounds better than it plays out — and part of it, I think, is the strain of striving to be a Great Movie™.

Spoilers ahead…

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Maga (Arya), a taxi driver, comes home one day to find that his young son has been beaten up by a teacher. Maga takes the boy to school, which is filled with pacific images: Jesus and a lamb, the Last Supper… Maga tells the principal that even if they don’t teach love, they shouldn’t be teaching anger. And yet, in order to make ends meet, Maga has another job. He enables killings. The contradiction between the two sides of the man are jarring — and we soon discover that there’s another man, Muni (Arya again), who is in every way a contradiction to Maga. He buys books for impoverished children. He takes care of his mother (Rohini). He practices organic farming. He follows the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. Muni is exactly what his name suggests: a saint. He could be in those pacific images.

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