“Dream Girl”… Ayushmann Khurrana stars in an “Ayushmann Khurrana comedy” that’s his lamest one yet

Posted on September 13, 2019


The director, who’s from television, doesn’t want ‘people’. He is content with flat, sitcom-style cartoons and poke-in-the-ribs music.

Spoilers ahead…

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In 1977, Pramod Chakravorty made a movie titled after what the nation had nicknamed Hema Malini: Dream Girl. It was about a woman who desperately needs money, and ends up pretending to be other people. The new Dream Girl — written and directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa — does a gender-flip on this premise. This time, it’s a man who needs money, and he’s the one doing the impersonation. From childhood, Karam (Ayushmann Khurrana) has had the ability to mimic a woman’s voice — he pretends to be a friend’s mother over the phone, talking to a teacher, and he’s always cast as Sita and Radha in stage plays. He protests mildly at being used this way, but as a grown-up, this talent becomes his way out of debt. He becomes a call-centre worker named Pooja, talking to men who seem to all think: If this woman’s talk is so seductive, imagine how she’ll look! They fall instantly in love with her. Yikes! What does this mean for the very hetero Karam?

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