“Namma Veettu Pillai”… Sivakarthikeyan and Aishwarya Rajesh’s action-melodrama isn’t great, but isn’t bad either

Posted on September 27, 2019


With better writing throughout, the climax would have made you weep. But as empty emotional entertainers go, this film isn’t a total loss.

Spoilers ahead…

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In my review of Pandiraj’s previous film, I said, “Kadaikutty Singam wants to be little more than a time machine that transports you to a certain kind of masala movie-cum-melodrama, but are people interested in spending money on watching an update of films already available on TV and YouTube? Our actors trot out these films with the logic that it strengthens their B/C-centre base, but it may be interesting to research what those audiences really want. Has internet penetration and 24×7 television changed their movie-viewing tastes? Or are they still the same audiences — with the same “mindset”? The box-office performance of Kadaikutty Singam is going to prove interesting for these very reasons.” And interesting it certainly was. The rural drama was a huge success, and now we have more of the same. This time, it’s called Namma Veettu Pillai.

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