Happy 90th birthday, Lata Mangeshkar!

Posted on September 28, 2019


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The singer’s greatness is taken for granted (and rightly so), but is the “Lata era” still a thing? Or is it just for older listeners and nostalgists?

Hema Mangeshkar. After 90 years, the name doesn’t just sound off, it sounds wrong, like calling a rainbow a rock. The name Lata Mangeshkar was born with is something for history and biographers to contend with. For us, for fans, it’s just Lata. Did I just say “us” fans? Did I just include you, dear reader? My apologies. Maybe you’re not a fan. Maybe you don’t care for the kind of songs she sang, the kind of music directors she sang for. Maybe it’s a generational thing and you don’t see the hoo-ha about Lata and, say, Madan Mohan, one of the approximately 10,66,703 composers she sang for. You could call them the Shah Rukh and Kajol of their time. They had that thing we like to call chemistry because we have no other word for the mysterious amalgamation of substances that results in something like Zara si aahat hoti hai

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