“Asuran”… Not up to Vetri Maaran / Dhanush’s earlier work, but still quite good

Posted on October 4, 2019


Violence is practically a rite of passage. The screenwriting is cyclical, too — whatever happened in one generation finds echoes in the next. 

Spoilers ahead…

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The overall arc of Vetri Maaran’s Asuran is from Poomani’s novel Vekkai (Heat). Somewhere in Tirunelveli (going by the dialect), a  teenage boy from an impoverished farming family — Chidambaram (Ken Karunas) — ends up killing a local big shot, Narasimhan, aka Vadakkooran (Aadukalam Naren). Pause at the name for a moment. The man is pure evil. How strange that this demon, this asuran, bears the name of a god. Chidambaram’s father, Sivasamy (Dhanush), fears retribution, and he flees with the boy to a nearby forest. They remain in hiding, evading the trackers sent by Narasimhan’s family who want them alive, so they can do to Chidambaram what the boy did to Narasimhan. The film opens with a tranquil shot of the moon, but as with the novel’s title, it’s all about heat — the heat inside people that makes the blood boil for violence. This includes Chidambaram, too — for the murder he committed was an act of revenge for the gruesome killing of his older brother, Murugan (Teejay Arunasalam). It’s no accident that the film’s title and the opening credits appear in red. This soil is steeped in spilt blood.

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