“Moothon”… Geetu Mohandas’s drama is bumpy and overstuffed, but with passages of great beauty and a superb Nivin Pauly

Posted on October 19, 2019


One part of me wished this ambitious film had stuck to one story in one timeline, but in a strange way, this in-between mood is what makes the events stand out.

Spoilers ahead…

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With her second feature, Moothon, Geetu Mohandas has moved from the bone-dry minimalism of Liar’s Dice to some sort of art-house maximalism. Everything is doubled. Two timelines. Two settings. Two siblings. And most importantly, two tones. Let’s just say Nivin Pauly’s introduction scene has him doing what big-name stars in big-ticket films typically do: he walks up in slow motion. (It’s the kind of thing that gets even a film-festival audience hooting and cheering.) In other words, this is a movie with a “hero entry shot”. This is also a movie with a mermaid.

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