“Gantumoote”… Roopa Rao’s drama about a sensitive schoolgirl is exquisitely directed and enacted

Posted on October 25, 2019


The director is more interested in character than event, and she practically holds up an X-ray of her heroine’s soul.

Spoilers ahead…

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The English translation of Gantumoote, written and directed by Roopa Rao, is “Bag Age” — it’s about a schoolgirl, Meera (Teju Belawadi). But say the translation out loud and you get what the film is about: baggage. It’s about the things we carry around with us for life — like memories. Sometimes, you “move on” — like the pop-psychology books tell you to — but without really moving on. The memories are like amber. You’re stuck. Meera will eventually (and really) move on, but this film is about those memories and where they have left her at this time. It’s that one particular chapter in her autobiography, that one batch of pages in her diary. 

Every step of the way, the director cues us in to the very intense way Meera thinks and feels about things. Part of me wanted to tell this lovely girl to lighten up, because she’s still just in school — but I also saw why she cannot lighten up. She’s made that way. Take the scene where she is slut-shamed by a classmate. She is unable to figure out why it bothers her so much. A “slut”, after all, is a prostitute, and many women make their living through sex work — so is it really any different from being called a “doctor” or an “accountant”? This scenelet tells us who Meera is. Also who Roopa Rao is.

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