Kamal Haasan at 65: The forgotten phase

Posted on November 7, 2019


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The ‘Great Phase’ of the actor’s career, post ‘Pushpak’ and ‘Nayakan’, is well documented. But here’s a jumble of memories from the preceding phase, the early to mid-1980s, which had just as many misses as hits.

All you kids doing the Ajith-versus-Vijay wars on Twitter, let me take you back to the time we used to do Kamal-versus-Rajini wars. Well, not wars, exactly. I think India was too docile a place back then. And Madras was even more docile. So a “war” really meant sitting around at lunchtime, when dabbas of sambar rice were opened and the air was instantly filled with the gastronomic equivalent of a fart in an elevator, and saying things like “Kaaki Sattai is really awesome”. And the Rajini fan would say something like “Rajini’s leather jacket in Nallavanukku Nallavan is very cool.” And afterwards, we’d all go and have a “Pepsi Cola”, which was basically a tube of frozen, coloured water.

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