“Action”… Vishal and Sundar C deliver what the title promises in an enjoyably OTT thriller

Posted on November 15, 2019


Like any self-respecting popcorn entertainer, there are OTT moments aplenty. Killer mehndi cones? Bring ’em on. But there’s always a little surprise around the corner.

Spoilers ahead…

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A little into the first half of Sundar C’s Action, a bomb blast wipes out a politician, and a cop tells Subhash (Vishal), “Kadhai vera maadhiri pogudhu…” You could say that about the movie. At first, it looks like your standard potboiler where the hero takes revenge for the wrongs done to his family. But soon, well… Kadhai vera maadhiri pogudhu! Subhash happens to be a Colonel in the Indian Army. He also happens to be Tom Cruise in the Mission: Impossible movies. The revenge storyline is grafted onto the globetrotting-spy template, and the result is surprisingly fun, a sort of high-tech update on the 1996 Arjun starrer where the actor played an army man. That film’s name? Subhash.

It’s not just the protagonists’ names that are similar. There’s also the “I’ll get the terrorist” angle, the “my family is into politics” angle. But what we don’t have is sentimentality and the chest-thumping patriotism. Subhash may be chasing down international villains who caused him personal harm, but after a brief bit of sorrow at the end of a flabby (and dialogue-heavy) family stretch, he becomes the army man he is. His eyes are only on the mission. It’s a job that needs to be done, and it just happens to involve his family. This is not something you expect in a mainstream Tamil movie, especially from the team that gave us… Aambala. You expect love songs. You expect tears and “sentiment”. You expect humour breaks. You expect an overlong running time (which, sadly, is the case here, too).

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