“Sangathamizhan”… Vijay Sethupathi comes up with a major dud that makes you wonder what he saw in it

Posted on November 16, 2019


The film is a disaster at every conceivable level. The ugliest aspect is the writing, which comes in two flavours: “painful” and “clichéd”.

Spoilers ahead…

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Sometimes, I want to be a fly on the wall of Vijay Sethupathi’s mind. I want to be there when he reads the script of Vijay Chandar’s Sangathamizhan. What goes on in his mind when he comes to the scene where the heroine (Raashi Khanna, named Yazhini… no wait, Kamalini) says “I love you” while he looks more interested in the bit of butter biscuit that has fallen into his tea? What does he think about the following scene, where Yazhini… no wait, Kamalini is drunk on vodka and he takes a call from her while cradling a mosquito coil in his other hand? And what about the song that follows, where men in drag pretend they are ballet dancers, with tutus in all shades of the rainbow?

Yes, I get it. You can’t be waiting around forever for the next Super Deluxe. I also get that it’s every male actor’s dream to be the next MGR or Rajinikanth. So you can see the appeal in the opening section of the script, which has the hero (named Murugan) shatter a door open, stand in silhouette, then move into the light and place his hand on a gold statue of a tiger, then don a police uniform where the name tag says ‘MG Ramachandran’… Sidekick Soori even says, “Ippo opening song vainga!” But is this the only alternative? 

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