‘Ungal Naan’: In search of the “greatest” Kamal Haasan-Ilaiyaraaja album

Posted on November 18, 2019


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Given the number of fabulous scores the maestro has crafted for the actor, here’s an attempt to settle on one being above all others.

From the first film they worked on (16 Vayathinile, in 1977), the Kamal Haasan-Ilaiyaraaja  collaboration is one for the ages. While it is true that the maestro showed zero partiality in doling out his riches — the worst movies with no-name heroes would often end up with timeless songs — the Kamal films are something of a treasure trove. And when I heard about Ungal Naan, the Ilaiyaraaja concert centered on #Kamal60 (if you count the actor’s career) or #Kamal 65 (if you count his age) — a foolhardy question descended on me. Which is the best Kamal-Ilaiyaraaja movie score?

For the purposes of this foolhardy exercise, I set myself some rules. (1) I am going to assume that it is indeed possible to arrive at one score being better than the others. (2) I am going to ignore the many great background scores (Guna, Moondram Pirai, etc.) and just look at what we old-timers got in the form of cassettes and on the radio, i.e. just the songs.

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