“KD Engira Karuppudurai”… Madhumitha’s impressively restrained drama treats a serious issue with a lot of fun

Posted on November 19, 2019


One part of why the film is so entertaining is the chemistry between the old man and the young boy — the other part is that their characters have been sketched out so well.

Spoilers ahead…

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You are from Kallupatti, in Virudhunagar. You raise five children, three boys and two girls. You are so committed to their well-being that you don’t get remarried after the death of your wife. One day, after the children are grown and married, one day when your hair is gone and all that’s left is a flowing white beard, you fall into a coma. You remain bedridden for months. That’s when your children decide you are better off dead. There is this custom called thalaikoothal, a kind of euthanasia for the aged. They will slather you with oil and feed you lots of coconut water and watch as your organs begin to fail, one by one.

A little quiz for the reader, now. If this is the plight of the protagonist, Karuppudurai (Mu Ramaswamy), what might be the tone of the movie that ensues? Now, add to this the plight of a second character, a young boy, an orphan named Kutty (Naga Vishal) who has been raised by a kindly priest in the premises of a temple. At one point, these two characters, at either end of the spectrum of life, meet. Again, I ask you, dear reader, what might be the tone of the ensuing movie?

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