“Adithya Varma”… Dhruv Vikram makes a confident debut in a faithful, competent, well-crafted remake

Posted on November 22, 2019


And yet, why does the film remain at a distance for those who have seen one of the earlier versions? More than the familiarity, it’s the lack of chemistry in the love story.

Spoilers ahead…

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There’s no getting around this: Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Arjun Reddy and Gireesaaya’s faithful Tamil remake, Adithya Varma follow the grand literary and movie tradition of Romantic Abuse: the self-absorbed, self-destructive Byronic hero (Dhruv Vikram) inflicts as much pain on others as himself. On the one hand, thinking rationally, you’d wonder who in today’s times would identify with a Heathcliff (from Wuthering Heights, a story whose characters are even more messed-up than the ones in Arjun Reddy) or a Devdas! Which woman would throw herself over a perpetually drunk masochist like the latter, the way Chandramukhi does? (The equivalent, here, is an actress, played by Priya Anand.) 

And yet, the film was a blockbuster in Telugu. The Hindi remake, too. What is it about these “types” — and make no mistake, they are archetypes — that people keep flocking to them again and again? Do we love the glorified wallowing? Are we guiltily drawn to the Grand Passion™ in these characters, whom you’d slap a restraining order on if you met them in real life? So many “types” fall out of fashion over the years — say, the weepy mother at the sewing machine, who sacrifices everything to raise her children. (Today, we’d roll our eyes at such sentimentality.) But something in us keeps wanting Devdas to find himself back in Paro’s arms, even after she has married someone else, out of spite!

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