“Sillu Karupatti”… Halitha Shameem’s charming anthology serves up heart-warming content without excessive sentimentality

Posted on December 29, 2019


The episodes are interconnected through people and objects and even stray animals and birds. These connections don’t appear contrived, because the basic thread is… human connection.

Spoilers ahead…

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Like the literary world makes space for novels and short stories, cinema could use more anthologies. For one, not every character needs a feature-length movie. Sometimes, we just need a sense of their essence, through a slice of their lives – like we got in Vasanth’s Sivaranjiniyum Innum Sila Pengalum. And two, the liberation from a conventional character “trajectory” – spread over two-something hours – allows us to linger on a specific emotion: anger, or loneliness, or love, or whatever. Take Amuthini (Sunaina) in “Hey Ammu”, one of the episodes in Halitha Shameem’s second feature, Sillu Karupatti. She is in one of those marriages (Samuthirakani plays her husband, Dhanapal) where housewifery has rendered the woman near-invisible. She wants Dhanapal to notice what the driver of her children’s school bus does, that she’s cut her hair. But he’s just not that guy!

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