“Good Newwz”… Akshay, Kareena, Diljit and Kiara star in a riotous comedy of cross-pollination

Posted on December 30, 2019


If Diljit Dosanjh’s persona were a movie, I’d imagine it’d be something like this: genial, casual, comfortable with its blingy brightness, not particularly out to transform the world but impossible to resist.

Spoilers ahead…

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Here’s one of my biggest laughs of the year, but let me first set it up for you. We are in the Mumbai apartment of the Batras — Varun (Akshay Kumar) and Deepu (Kareena Kapoor Khan) — and there are two more Batras in the living room. The latter are neighbours, who’ve moved from Chandigarh: Honey (Diljit Dosanjh) and Monika (Kiara Advani). The two couples are like chalk and chole bhature. Varun and Deepu are yuppy stereotypes, Honey and Monika are puppy stereotypes. Good Newwz paints these characters with every single cliché, and then some. Varun and Deepu’s classy home could be featured in Architectural Digest. With all the gold curlicues and sequins, Honey and Monika’s apartment looks like the love child of Marie Antoinette’s bed and Maganlal Dresswala. And then, Monika farts. Loudly.

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