‘V1 – Murder Case’, ‘Parasite’, ‘Knives Out’… Our message movies versus their message movies

Posted on January 8, 2020


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All I’m saying is don’t make a movie in order to deliver a message. Make the message – even if it is explicit – an organic part of your movie.

Spoilers ahead…

In Pavel Navageethan’s V1 – Murder Case, a young woman is murdered in the dead of night. She’s walking home. She senses something suspicious and quickens her step, but it’s too late. She is pierced by a sharp object. There’s blood all over. She dies. And the film begins to unfold as a whodunit. Could it be this girl’s live-in boyfriend, who seems to think he’s the killer? Could it be the tattooed cartoon-figure who thinks he’s a stud? Or – long stretch, here – could it be the detective himself, who suffers from nyctophobia, which is a fear of the darkness?

V1 – Murder Case did not work for me at all. The writing is clumsy (something especially fatal in this genre). The acting is amateurish all over. The making, too – and this made me wonder about how forgiving we should be about badly made but well-intentioned first attempts. After all, it’s so easy to get your hands on a camera now. Is it too much to expect a first-timer to stage his/her film “on camera” – before the actual shoot – to see if what he/she has imagined is actually being expressed through the visuals?

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