“Pattas”… Dhanush double-roles his way through an action drama that’s the dictionary definition of “formula”

Posted on January 15, 2020


If you can add so many small touches and elevate generic moments, is it all that much of a stretch to elevate the whole narrative, the entire screenplay?

Spoilers ahead…

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RSDurai Senthilkumar has good instincts. Pattas is one of those masala (as opposed to “mass”) movies in the Moondru Mugam/Apoorva Sagotharargal mould: the father dies a Gruesome Death™ and the hitherto-sheltered son (played by the same star) learns about his past and extracts Gruesome Revenge™. There’s usually a scene where the son meets his biological mother, and it’s usually a tearful scene — and yes, the scene in Pattas checks all these boxes. But with a bit of class. The point of the meeting is different. There’s a bit of theft that harks back to an earlier attempt at thieving. There’s a bit of action that harks back to an earlier action moment. There are tears, but they remain in the eyes of the son and the mother. Instead of words, the camera does the communicating — with a quick zoom to the son’s eyes, and then to the mother’s. It’s almost like an invisible, unspoken connection has been forged. It helps that both actors (Sneha as the mother, Dhanush as the son/father) can actually act.

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