“Dagaalty”… Santhanam stars in a dull film that can’t decide how to showcase its leading man

Posted on January 31, 2020


Does he want his own vehicle or is he content referencing the films of other, bigger stars? The lack of clarity is painful.

Spoilers ahead…

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Just last week, we met a psycho who does unspeakable things to women. This week, in Vijay Anand’s Dagaalty, we meet a man who’s possibly worse. He’s very rich. We know this because he plays the piano and lives in a mansion with marble statues. When not playing the piano, he draws pictures of women and orders his men to find a real-life woman who looks exactly like the woman in the picture, the woman he has drawn from his imagination. At least Mysskin’s psycho took the trouble to find his victims himself. This man snaps his fingers and an all-India network of minions gets cracking.

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