Movies Ahead Of Their Time: Kai Kodukkum Kai (1984)

Posted on February 6, 2020


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This February, we are doing a series on movies that were ahead of their time – essentially films that were too smart or took too many risks for the year they released in and maybe would have been appreciated better if they came now… I picked Mahendran’s ‘Kai Kodukkum Kai’, from 1984.

Spoilers ahead…

What’s the film about: 

Kalimuthu (Rajinikanth), the do-gooder younger brother of a village chieftain (VS Raghavan), is engaged to Mangamma (Rajalakshmi). But he marries her best friend, Seetha (Revathy), who’s blind. What begins as a wholly domestic drama takes a turn when Kalimuthu and Seetha leave their homes and begin to live in a neighbouring village, whose chieftain, a Zamindar (Ranganath), is a notorious womaniser.


Rajinikanth and director Mahendran had delivered a blockbuster — a masterful one, too — in Mullum Malarum. But that was in 1978, when Rajinikanth was still an actor/star. By 1984, he was a star/actor — the huge success of all-out commercial entertainers like Billa and Murattu Kaalai (both 1980), Pokkiri Raja and Moondru Mugam (both 1982), and Paayum Puli (1983) had taken Brand Rajinikanth to the stratosphere. Besides, Mahendran — after a series of flops — was a shadow of his former self. So this delicate drama — an adaptation of a segment of Puttanna Kanagal’s Kannada anthology, Katha Sangama (1976) — fell in a no-man’s land between a star from whom the masses expected a certain kind of “entertainment” and a director not really known for massy star vehicles. It was a failure.

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