“Baaram”… Priya Krishnaswamy’s drama about a form of euthanasia eschews sensationalism for quiet power

Posted on February 19, 2020


The director keeps her distance. Like a diligent reporter, she is interested in (1) how thalaikoothal is organised, and (2) what you’d do if you knew someone was killed in this manner.

Spoilers ahead…

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Various things can ease you into a movie. Sometimes, it’s the reassurance an actor brings. Sometimes, it’s a bit of staging. In Priya Krishnaswamy’s Baaram, which won the 2018 National Award for Best Tamil Film, it was a line uttered by an old man’s sister: Kaavalkaaran vaayila peepee irundhaa kallan bayappaduvaana? It’s one of those quirks of language that makes you smile, and also tells you that something feels authentic. If you remember the way the Gandhimathi character speaks in Mann Vaasanai, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s more than a line. It’s the smell of the soil.

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