“Eeb Allay Ooo!”… Prateek Vats’ Berlinale Panorama selection is a surreal, powerful satire on the state of the nation

Posted on February 24, 2020


Yes, the plot revolves around the real-life menace of monkeys that plagues government buildings in the capital — but could it also be that the animals represent those that run the System?

Spoilers ahead…

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Anjani (Shardul Bhardwaj) has just come from his hometown to Delhi, and he’s staying with his sister (Nutan Sinha) and brother-in-law (Shashi Bhushan). The sister is pregnant. Anjani takes her to a nursing home for a check-up, and the doctor asks what he does. The sister says, “Sarkari naukri hai. Bandar bhagata hai.” Wait! What? He chases away monkeys for a living? But the strangeness of the occupation doesn’t seem as important to the sister as the fact that it’s a sarkari naukri, a government job. There seems to be a small amount of pride in her smile. To her, it still means something.

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