Johnny Depp in ‘Minamata’, the engaging ‘Persian Lessons’, and ‘The Intruder’

Posted on February 25, 2020


A war against mercury contamination, a WWII survival story, and a woman’s worst nightmares…

Spoilers ahead…

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The middlebrow is the most perplexing of brows. Call something “highbrow”, and you gold-plate it. You elevate it to the realm of scholars and connoisseurs. The “lowbrow” may sound dismissive, but at least, it suggests there’s pleasure to be had, even if it’s the guilty kind. The “middlebrow”, then, is the outlier. It’s dull, generic, carefully tasteful, stuffy, it takes no risks — it’s the kind of thing that usually wins an Oscar for Best Picture. During the first half-hour of Vadim Perelman’s Persian Lessons — the film is set in France, in 1942 — I was resigned to an hour-and-a-half more of solid middlebrow-dom.

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