Pixar’s middling but fun ‘Onward’, plus Matteo Garrone’s take on ‘Pinocchio’

Posted on February 25, 2020


Proof that even a not-great Pixar movie has traces of genius, proof that not every fairy tale lends itself to earthy remakes…

Spoilers ahead…

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“Long ago, the world was full of wonder.” These are the opening words of Onward, the new Pixar feature, directed by Dan Scanlon, and the opening stretch is a delight. A winged unicorn soars over a lake filled with mer-people. Witches and wizards roam the land. But over time, the magic fades. Why do you need a spell to dispel darkness when there’s the lightbulb? Who needs a galloping centaur when you have a car? As for winged unicorns, hello! Heard of an airplane?

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