Kelly Reichardt’s ‘First Cow’, Jia Zhang-ke’s ‘Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue’, and ‘The Salt of Tears’

Posted on February 26, 2020


Orion Lee (left) as “King-Lu” and John Magaro (right) as “Cookie” in director Kelly Reichardt’s FIRST COW, released by A24 Films. Credit : Allyson Riggs / A24 Films
FIRST COW_11.17.18_AR_0377.ARW

A Coen Brothers’ film with heart, and without the snark. A touching literary documentary. And a badly behaved man.

Spoilers ahead…

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In Meek’s Cutoff (2010), Kelly Reichardt told a nineteenth-century story about people crossing the Oregon High Desert. Old Joy (2006) was about two friends who reunite for a camping trip. Reichardt’s new film, First Cow, hacks out a path between these two premises. We open in the present day, with the discovery of buried bodies that have rotted into skeletons. Who? How? Why? That’s the rest of the film — though it’s not as suspenseful or gruesome as this initial image might suggest. For a lot of the time, First Cow plays like a Coen Brothers’ comedy. But with heart. And without the snark.

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