Willem Dafoe’s ‘Siberia’, gay-cleansing in ‘Welcome to Chechnya’, and ‘My Little Sister’

Posted on February 27, 2020


The festival’s WTF-iest drama, a classy weepie about a woman on the verge, and a wrenching documentary about Chechnya’s anti-gay situation.

Spoilers ahead…

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One talking fish per film festival, you’d think, would be plenty — and I got one in Matteo Garrone’s Pinochhio. Imagine my surprise when a second such creature landed up in Abel Ferrara’s Siberia. And this is no fairy tale, either. It’s a real-world story, but with… a talking fish. Though truth be told, the fish may exist only as a vision in Clint’s (Willem Dafoe) addled head. Along with the overweight and naked woman who’s performing an exotic dance to an audience of nobody. And the men who are stripped and shot in a death camp. And the stairs to the basement that transform into a steep cliff. Or the cave, the womb-like amber cave that contains a “conscience”…

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