Hong Sangsoo’s ‘The Woman Who Ran’, old gay love in ‘Suk Suk’, and Javier Bardem in ‘The Roads Not Taken’

Posted on February 28, 2020


A trascendental talkathon, a senior-citizen take on ‘Brokeback Mountain’, the festival’s biggest bummer…

Spoilers ahead…

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Hong Sangsoo’s new film opens with the image of chicken pecking at grains. A little later, we get a snatch of conversation between two women, neither of whom has been introduced to us. One of them is heading out for a job interview. She is nervous. She asks if her face is puffy, because she has been out drinking the previous night. She leaves. Much later, we learn who she is, what happened to her mother, and how these two women know each other. We get a bit of history about those chickens, too. This is how normal life works. We begin conversations where we last left them. We don’t worry that an audience might not “get it”.

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