Karthick Naren’s ‘Mafia: Chapter 1’, starring Arun Vijay, mistakes slo-mo for style

Posted on March 4, 2020


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“Style” isn’t just about posing. It isn’t just about looking “cool”. And it’s certainly more than just colour schemes and costumes.

Spoilers ahead…

In Mafia: Chapter 1, Arun Vijay plays Aryan, a Narcotics Control Bureau officer. No, let’s rephrase that. He plays a stylish Narcotics Control Bureau officer. Aryan wears tight shirts that show off the hours he has slaved away at gyms. His hairstyle gleams with product, and it shows off the hours he spends at salons, shaping and sculpting it just so. There’s no rule that such a man cannot appear on screen with such a look. The problem is that the look is just… a look. It doesn’t define Aryan. Had even one person around him mocked (affectionately) his commitment to this look, the look would have transformed into a character trait. It would have meant that this is a man with a dash of vanity. Aryan, in other words, would have been defined by the screenwriting. But now, he is defined only by the costume design.

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