“Gypsy”… Raju Murugan’s rambling drama with Jiiva mistakes good intentions for good cinema

Posted on March 6, 2020


The film slowly begins to resemble a newspaper, with each page containing one “socially important” story. But screenplays don’t work that way. You need a thread. You need coherence.

Spoilers ahead…

Raju Murugan makes noble-minded films, so it’s really no surprise that Gypsy is filled with noble-minded songs. In Venpuraa, we get this line: Idhayam thaandi iraivan illai… (There’s no god beyond the human heart, beyond humanity.) Kaathellam poo manakka says: Vendaamae oorgal / Vendaamae paergal. (Let’s forget geographical boundaries. Let’s forget the names that identify and separate us.) A Hindi song tells us: Jaat-paat aur bhed-bhaav ke chaar deewarein todenge. (We will break down the walls of caste and discrimination.) None of these lines is as elegant as what the Kannadasan-era lyricists used to write in their thathuva paadalgal (philosophical songs) — but at least, these philosophies sit easy in a song, easier than they’d sit in dialogue.

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