“Dharala Prabhu”… Harish Kalyan plays a sperm donor in a dignified, beautifully made drama

Posted on March 13, 2020


In this ‘Vicky Donor’ remake, the old premise has been explored with a fresh pair of eyes, and with a very different sensibility.

Spoilers ahead…

When I heard that Dharala Prabhu was a remake of Shoojit Sircar’s Vicky Donor, I knew it wouldn’t be an exact remake. “Tamil sensibilities” — at least as perceived by the industry — are different, after all. So I expected a fair amount of sanitising in this story of an ultra-virile footballer who becomes a sperm donor. (In other words, his new job, too, is about hitting the target, ova and ova again.) But the director, Krishna Marimuthu, springs a surprise. His film is at once an homage to the original and a quietly radical reworking of it. This isn’t a case of “let’s spray Harpic on the toilet humour and make the premise safe for our family audiences…” You know how, sometimes, we watch something and wonder, “What if…!” That’s what Krishna has done. He has explored the old premise with a fresh pair of eyes, and with a very different sensibility.

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