‘Dia’, by KS Ashoka, builds its world very consistently (major spoilers ahead)

Posted on March 17, 2020


One of the best things about the film’s writing is that I never imagined I would be rooting for a couple that’s different from the one I was rooting for in the first half-hour, writes FC Reader Hariharasudhen Nagarajan

Spoilers ahead…

What exactly is world-building in screenwriting? It means creating rules in any world (contemporary or fantasy), which the characters follow consciously or unconsciously. Time travel is a sub-genre, where the writer involves a time machine. One can determine the uniqueness of a film based on the rules it sets for a character to undergo successful or unsuccessful time-travel. ‘Vada Chennai’’s world-building rule sets Anbu as the successor to Rajan. Similar characters, plot, conflicts, dialogues, everything, and everyone appear twice in the film. There is also weak, unintentional world-building in films where city people get shown as bad people, and rural people turn out to be the heroes.

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