Superstar Rajinikanth: Into the World with Bear Grylls attempts to show a human side of the on-screen superhero

Posted on March 23, 2020


No dupes. No mattresses to cushion a fall. This is Rajinikanth himself, in the wilderness. (In other words: What does the tiger tell Rajini? You’ve earned your stripes!)

Spoilers ahead…

At the beginning of the Discovery Channel show, Into The Wild With Bear Grylls And Superstar Rajinikanth, the anchor says he’s going to take celebrities, well, into the wild, and “reveal the real person behind the icon”. Wait! What? You mean Rajinikanth is not the person about whom the following quip was made? “Once Spider-man, Superman and Batman visited Rajnikanth’s house together. It was Teacher’s Day.” The episode opens like a Superstar movie. There’s the “intro” shot, an overhead view of the man driving a bright-red All Terrain Vehicle. CUT TO… birds taking flight, a monkey jumping from branch to branch. CUT TO… the vehicle coming to a halt and the man dismounting. (Yes, the foot hits the ground in a close-up.) CUT TO…. the sunglasses coming off. CUT TO… a swish of the hand, and… the ATV disappears. Try that, Spider-man, Superman and Batman!

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