Readers Write In #150: The healing, therapeutic effect of Aye Sinamika

Posted on March 25, 2020


(by Raghav Ravichandran)

The world is in distress after the outbreak of the deadlyCOVID-19 or Coronavirus. Every time you turn on the TV or look at your mobile, we get to see news of new positive cases tested in India or elsewhere and the death toll as a result of this virus. It’s impossible to not get affected by this as it affects us at so many levels- be it personally or professionally.

In times like these, we need something to hold on to that would give us hope, bring us joy and keep us calm. The need of the hour is something that can take our minds off all that’s happening and just take our minds away from this uncertainty. It can be spending time with your loved ones, watching your favourite movie, anything. For me it’s listening to AR Rahman’s soul-stirring composition ‘Aye Sinamika’ from ‘Oh KaadhalKanmani’.

Not many songs leave you with a myriad of emotions- happiness, joy, sadness and yet at the same time that leave you grasping for breath. That’s the power of this beautiful melody. Right from the start of the song, the music will calm you down. Very few songs in recent times have that quality even after the song gets over. But ‘Aye Sinamika’puts you on a train to calmness right from the word go!

Karthik holds a special place in my heart, as lot of the songs he has sung for Illayaraja, ARR, Harris Jayaraj, Yuvan Shankar Raja and Vidyasgarremain my favourites for various reasons. His voice has that rare quality of making time stop when you listen to the song. A voice so serene and beautiful that can just make you forget everything- a quality that greats like SPB, Hariharan have.

The song in itself has a special place in my heart for various reasons. It reminds me of my best time in my life- one year at Singapore. Couple of years back, when I caught up with few of my MBA mates, we got down to talking and fondly reminiscing  our golden time at Singapore and one of my close Nanbas mentioned that ‘Aye Sinamika’ reminds me of our MBA days- filled with joy, happiness, golden times when everything was so good and also of the pain of leaving the country that shaped and defined us to become better people.

Every time I remember our time at Singapore, this gift from ARR-Karthik gives me company.  That’s the instant connect this serene and simple melody has on me as a listener. I will be personally indebted to this song, everything about this song- right from the tune, the singing and the beautiful way it was picturised! Trust the master Mani Ratnam to do justice to such a precious song.

In such uncertain times, this song constantly reminds me and helps me to be calm, focussed and not get too worried about things that are not in our control. It gives me the positivity to approach this situation and go about life normally and not get too flustered with it all.

I am sure there will be a favourite album or song that will help you forget everything that’s going around you and just let that song take you on its journey. Listen to that and be thankful for all that’s there than worry about what is and will not be there in the coming days.

Okay on that note, let me get to hearing Karthik help me with guiding me to acing another day professionally and personally. Thank you ARR and Karthik, will always be indebted to you!!