Raghuvaran — Why the spot he occupied in Tamil cinema is still vacant?

Posted on April 15, 2020


One of the few actors who used his body as an instrument, his exceptional craftsmanship and unique voice are still missed, writes FC Reader Sundar Rajan.

My oldest memories of Raghuvaran (1958-2008), the lanky actor with a distinctive voice, are from the films Makkal En Pakkam (1987)Poo Vizhi Vaasalile (1987) and Puriyaatha Pudhir (1990) of the ‘I know… I know’ fame. In Puriyaatha… Raghuvaran is a sadistic, doubting husband. In a situation, he thinks he has caught his wife off-guard. The easiest thing for the filmmaker would have been to make the husband lecture about value systems, get violent towards the wife or even kill the guy. But that is ordinary writing for actors with normal talents. With Raghuvaran, the two-minute scene gets elevated with just two words  — ‘I know…’ It is said that while a musician communicates feelings through the instrument he is playing, and a dancer through body movement, the ‘instrument’ that an actor uses is himself (Making Movies  by Sidney Lumet). Raghuvaran demonstrated that.

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