The gay-themed Israeli drama ‘15 Years’ has bypassed the theatrical window, but that’s not necessarily bad news

Posted on April 16, 2020


The gayness is incidental. This could just as well be a hetero couple, with one of them wanting children and the other resisting parenthood.

There were many films set for a theatrical release, and which are now going directly to the streaming space. In a Forbes article that came with a rather dramatic title, ‘Movie Theaters May Return, But Theatrical Cinema Might Not Survive’, box-office analyst Scott Mendelson wrote: “The coronavirus pandemic may hasten the grim future where movie theaters only exist for the very biggest blockbusters, franchises and cinematic tentpoles while everything else is produced for streaming platforms.” He predicts that “the only thing that movie theaters can offer over Netflix or HBO is mega-budget/top-tier blockbuster spectacle delivered on a giant screen.”

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