Aswathama, with Naga Shaurya and Mehreen Pirzada, is on Sun Nxt: A rewind of this underwhelming action-thriller from Ramana Teja

Posted on April 17, 2020


There’s a really creepy scene where the villain has sex with a corpse, but the man’s motivations are fuzzy and the chain of crimes isn’t convincing at all.

Spoilers ahead…

Ramana Teja’s Aswathama opens rather ominously, with an NT Rama Rao-channelling voiceover quoting a passage from the Mahabharata. It’s about the disrobing of Draupadi, which no one questioned — except one man. “Only Aswathama raised his voice and was saved. This is justice.” A little later, there’s another ominous stretch. A man hands his underlings some money, along with a young woman’s photograph, and asks them to get her for him. (This man is played, of all people, by MS Bhaskar. It’s nice to see him in a quasi-villainous role.) The men carry out the deed, using a… poison-tipped shuttlecock. (I must admit, I’ve not seen this MO anywhere else.) What happens to the poor girl?

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