Like ‘Parasite’ and ‘Get Out’ and ‘The Platform’, the Brazilian quasi-Western ‘Bacurau’ uses genre constructs for social commentary

Posted on April 24, 2020


These films aren’t structured like “message movies”. They use very traditional genre constructs (on the surface ‘Bacurau’ is a Western) for social commentary.

There’s a killer on the loose. He has cohorts. Gun in hand, he begins to talk to them. “So right after my divorce, I kinda lost my mind, y’know? One day, I went home and I packed my Glock and my Mac-10 and all the ammo I had in a backpack and drove straight to my ex-wife’s house and I beat on the fucking door. Because I was going to shoot her when she fucking answered, y’know? But she didn’t answer. She’d left town. But still, this feeling… I wanted to get it off my chest, y’know? So I drove to the fucking mall, twice. And I drove over to Bay Breeze Park. But each time, I couldn’t do it, y’know?” He points to the sky. “Something was telling me not to. Now, God’s given me the opportunity to deal with that pain here.”

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