Pon Magal Vandhal on Amazon Prime: Right now, it’s the right decision for this Jyotika-starrer

Posted on April 25, 2020


As much as some of us may romanticise “the theatrical experience”, for most audiences, the No. 1 factor is convenience. Just look at how many people have begun to watch Tamil serials on OTT platforms!

I was wondering when it would happen. It has, now. First, we got a tweet about an upcoming Jyotika-starrer: First Tamil feature film to get a Direct OTT release, #PonMagalVandhal (Tamil) streaming rights bagged by @PrimeVideoIN. Then, we got a response. The Tamil Nadu theatre owners’ association has decided not to screen any films from 2D Entertainment, the film’s producer/presenter. This means the much-awaited Suriya-starrer Soorarai Pottru may be blacklisted from theatres, too. The same thing happened when Kamal Haasan said — way before the OTT era descended upon us — he’d release Vishwaroopam in DTH. As an industry watcher, I’d say it’s time. It happened in the US. It’s happening everywhere. It’s time the debate erupted in India, too.

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