Alidu Ulidavaru, with Ashu Bedra and Sangeetha Bhat, is on Amazon Prime: A rewind of Arvind Sastry’s horror-thriller, which could have used more tension

Posted on May 6, 2020


The interval point is crazy — I mean, good-crazy. Remember the interval point of Kahaani? This is that level of crazy. But the rest of it doesn’t quite add up.

Spoilers ahead…

Arvind Sastry’s Alidu Ulidavaru opens with two men on a bike approaching a house. They look like they are part of a food-delivery service. Or maybe they’ve got a package to drop off. Either way, neither man wants to do whatever they’ve come to do. Finally, one of them summons up the guts and walks up to the gate — and just then, in front of his terrified eyes, the gate latches itself. The man runs away, screaming. Is this really a haunted house? Or are we meant to think it is a haunted house? Are those two men really a part of this story? Or are they snuck into this scene — and only this scene — in order to make us believe that the latch did indeed fall on its own accord, unaided by human intervention? Fix this stretch in your head and revisit it after The End. 

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