Readers Write In #181: Infinity War and the 3D experience

Posted on May 18, 2020


(by Amit Joki)

Saw Infinity War on the second day and there’s this unsatisfactory feeling. I will write more on that later, but the first things first.

I’ve never had a 3D experience until Infinity War and I totally hated it. Of course there were times when I waved my hand around fooled by the “3D”” but the whole experience was, meh. When you’re viewing this visual gimmickry, you cannot really enjoy the framing, the colors used, the subtle camera angles. 3D overwhelms you (or at least it does so for me!)

I don’t know if my Avengers watching experience was hindered by this 3D thing and I don’t know if it affected my perception of the film, but here goes what I felt.

Spoilers ahead…

Where do we start? Lets begin at the beginning. Thanos is beating the crap out of Thor. There’s this beautiful characterization of Loki where he is reluctant to give up the Tesseract but as his brother’s screams echo around the universe, the human in him gives up. He surrenders it.

This unpredictable nature in a villain was quite refreshing. Loki has always been a great villain. He wants what he wants but he can be a little compassionate. His villainy is mischief. Doesn’t intend to cause actual harm but does anyway. His backstory was a thing of beauty only it gets lost in a quick flashback in the first Thor film.

All the above harping is to get to the point where the script writers really fucked up. Loki dies trying to outwit Thanos with a, wait for it, a hand dagger. Really? I must have rolled my eyes a thousand times.

You don’t kill off such a magnificent character with such disdain. This wasn’t the Loki of the earlier films. Loki’s character was meted out injustice on paper.

When Oberyn Martell dies in Game of Thrones, you can justify that being too cocky was in his nature. He was cocky right from the first. He died as his character should have. Was too much of a talker, got killed. In sync with the characterization.

With Loki, it begs the question of how could he get so dim-witted as to combat a man twice his size, a man who’s contained Thor! Why am I talking so much about Loki? Because had he remained till the end, the film would really have been much more interesting.

Guess the amount of backstabbing and betrayals and confusions he could have caused if he joined Thanos instead. It is like, killing off Littlefinger in the first season.

Let’s not talk about what has passed. For me Infinity War was too much CG and action and too little emotions. The previous Avengers films had this camaraderie, the understanding, the infighting. They were human.

In Infinity War however, there’s no such thing. All have one purpose. To defeat Thanos and most of the film is too much action. I know there’s a second part to come but Thanos getting emotional was really funny. I didn’t quite buy it. May be the answer lies in the second part.

The Guardians of The Galaxy were the only ones who I think retained their originality from their films. However I do think Groot could have been written better. It is like at the writing table they thought,

“Hey what’s Groot to do?”

“Um, let him play a game and we will make it look cute until he gets something substantial to do”

“That sounds fantastic bro!”

The action scenes though too much for my liking were well orchestrated. You’ve got to give them that. But for a run time on the upper side of 2 hours 40 minutes, I think we could have gotten a better first part that’s a set up for the second.

Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, comes to mind. What a film it was. Anyway, given that all the characters have their own movies, it wouldn’t do any bad if some of them were given screen time in this film too. Sure everyone of them had a funny line or two but not enough to warrant rooting for them, feeling for them when they vaporize.

Spidey’s vaporization was good one of the lot, because it had real human emotions behind it. He was vulnerable. He didn’t want to die. No one does. That’s where his pseudo-death resonated with me.

By the way, bringing up LoTR reminded me of the importance of inducing a bit of mysticism. The Infinity Stones could have had mythical back stories, each one serving their purpose, their origin, but all we get is some CG’ed stones of random colors with an assigned name.

Again look how the myth of the one Ring is established at the start using a wonderful voice-over and series of montages in Fellowship of the Ring.

Look how the fear of Bats is given such an importance in The Batman Begins. Because that’s the theme of the film. In Infinity War, Infinity Stones are the main motif and they could have been established better. And Thanos getting all of ’em with no competition didn’t make the movie any more interesting.

Overall, I can’t say I liked it but didn’t hate it either. Left the theater hazy, thinking how much better it could have been if only Loki was present. He at least could have died a proper villain. But with Marvel, you never know.