Devi Complex turns 50: Here’s to theatre love, which is different from movie love

Posted on May 25, 2020


The theatre right at the top was Devi Paradise, with that winding walkway. While coming down, you’d feel like you were in an anti-gravity amusement park ride.

When the 23C bus began its ascent on the Gemini flyover, it was time to close the book I was reading, get up from my seat and walk towards the driver. Because I needed the big windows in front of him, the big windows that would allow me to see both sides of Mount Road. Because after the descent, there’d be the banners on the Safire theatre complex to the left. And bang opposite, outside Churchpark School, there’d be three or four big hoardings for new or future releases. These hoardings were hand-painted, and the names of the films would be spelt out using small, glittery discs, the kind you’d sew on your dress for the Boney-M dance on Parent’s Day. These discs would shimmer and shine in the breeze and the sun, like a T Rajendhar set come to life on Chennai’s busiest road.

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