Santosh Sivan’s Masterclass, Journey Of Light: On Thuppakki, Iruvar, Dil Se, Roja

Posted on June 1, 2020


Ten takeaways from Canon India Digital’s webinar, where the cinematographer and filmmaker took questions and explained his art, his philosophy.

1. As a child, you remember photographs. In my case, it was a very scary photograph — a black-and-white picture in my ancestral home in Kerala. These structures are generally dark, with a shaft of light falling on the centre courtyard. And over the day, this light used to travel around the photos on the walls. And this one photo — it was my great-grandfather — used to seem alive. Every time the light changed, it looked like he would change. Outside home, it was about nature. I sketched a lot. When you sketch, you see people and landscapes better because you observe them more minutely than you would if you are taking a photograph.

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