Sushant Singh Rajput: He lived the dream, but he also seems to have paid a price

Posted on June 15, 2020


The actor’s death is making people talk about mental health issues. The renewed ‘visibility’ he’s brought to this topic may be his lasting legacy.

Our cinema coverage is so omnipresent — even more so in this digital age — that the movies matter beyond their ability to entertain us.  Millions of people battle dyslexia, but the condition remains known only to the immediate family, maybe a neighbour or two. But when Aamir Khan makes a moving drama about it, it becomes a national talking point. Articles are written about it. Doctors opine on it. And even if we don’t come home right away and write out a cheque to the Dyslexia Association of India, we at least know there is such a thing and this is how it manifests itself and this is what you should do. Deepika Padukone’s depression isn’t any more special than the depression experienced by the woman who lives next door, but because Deepika Padukone gets written about (and the woman who lives next door doesn’t), a larger chunk of the population is able to put a face to the condition. Okay, maybe it’s really a thing…

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