Krishna and His Leela, On Netflix: A classy, well-written update on the one-man-two-women premise

Posted on June 25, 2020


What’s interesting in these “new-gen” movies — especially in the context of Telugu cinema — is how interestingly, how consistently the women are written.

Spoilers ahead…

The “new-gen” in Telugu cinema may not be as big a thing as it is in Malayalam, but even the odd films that trickle out point to a definite sensibility. It’s a gentler version of the Hollywood rom-com sensibility: you know it if you’ve seen Pelli Choopulu. It’s the kind of sensibility that begs to be described by words like “casual” and “breezy”: if these films were people, they’d be in bermudas and flip-flops on a hammock by a beach. However explosive the situation, the dialogue feels like some variant of “Chill, bro! Let’s light one up and talk this over!” And there’s an enormous amount of dignity. The premise (or heck, even the title) of Ravikanth Perepu’s Krishna and His Leela may sound sleazy: it’s about a man who loves two women. But the film doesn’t wink at you. It isn’t out to titillate you. It treats the problem as seriously as you would if confused between menu options at a multicuisine restaurant. It’s “Hmmm… I’ll have this… No, wait, I’ll have that… Excuse me, sorry, hope it’s not too late to change my order, but could I have…“, but with women.

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