Kappela on Netflix, with Anna Ben, Roshan Mathew and Sreenath Bhasi: A SPOILER-filled rewind of this tale filled with twists

Posted on June 30, 2020


With these actors, the film is certainly watchable. But looking back, I felt cheated at the end, by the very obvious attempts at misdirection.

Spoilers ahead…

Kappela begins with a misdial and proceeds on misdirection. The former is initiated by Jessy (Anna Ben), a simple girl-next-door in your standard village-next-door in the Wayanad area. Her mother is a tailor and when she asks Jessy to call a client for measurements, Jessy gets a digit wrong and ends up calling Vishnu (Roshan Mathew), an auto driver in Kozhikode. She apologises with that semi-sheepish Anna Ben smile we’ve all come to love and hangs up. But a little later, Vishnu calls back. Something about Jessy’s sweetness and niceness — her inherent Anna Ben-ness, which apparently comes through even when it’s just a voice — seems to have appealed to Vishnu, and he wants to get to know her. We get the feeling he’s lonely and could use a friend. Or maybe something more. A chaste long-distance relationship gets going, and we wait for the “lovers” to meet.

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